The UBC China Council (CC) is a cross-university group that helps catalyze, facilitate, and support UBC’s engagement with China. It also advises the UBC leadership on strategy for UBC engagement with China, and has the responsibility to monitor all aspects of UBC’s engagement, including keeping track of all formal agreements between UBC and China, advising on proposed agreements, and providing strategic thinking on possible new means of deepening UBC’s China engagement. To the extent possible, the CC collects information about research collaborations between UBC and China, and promotes and assist new collaborations. The China Council will need to be informed of any cooperation that requires a formal agreement between UBC and a Chinese institution, so that it can maintain a complete inventory of such agreements and can provide advice when appropriate. An important task will be to inventory the existing formal agreements between UBC units and Chinese institutions.

The China Council also serves as a central clearinghouse for expertise about China, as information about the activities of UBC and UBC researchers with China will be collected by the CC. In collaboration with IAR, the Centre for Chinese Research and other units on campus, the CC organizes public events to help the broader community understand China, and also helps coordinate expert advice on China for UBC and the broader community, including government and government agencies.

What we do:

  • Advise the UBC leadership on its strategy towards China;
  • Serve as a hub of information on China for UBC and a broader community;
  • Act as a coordinating unit for UBC’s activities with China;
  • Promote new opportunities for UBC to deepen its engagement with China;
  • Organize public events to improve the mutual understanding between Canada and China;
  • Respond to varies requests from the community in regards with their China activities.